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Human resources

Human capital as one of the main pillars of Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company and one of the key tools to advance the goals of this company has always been considered by managers.

Attracting specialized human resources, retaining personnel through motivation, discovering the talent and creativity of the forces, providing livelihood and facilities support, providing specialized training in all areas of the task force, are among the most important programs in the field of human resources of the company. It distinguishes this company from other competitors.

The sublime vision of the board and the main managers of the company to maintain human dignity and use the potential of the forces, balanced with the salary received along with the establishment of an integrated payroll system and the application of new performance appraisal methods make the queuing forces more efficient. The headquarters is in this complex.

At present, more than 1000 human resources are working in the technical and administrative departments of the company and its offices.