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Inscription Farda Research and Trading Company

Registration number: 8510

Field of activity: Research and study on economic and trade issues, holding domestic and international exhibitions, selling industrial products, agriculture and services, holding seminars and other effective factors in the growth of economic thought and development, import and export of any kind of goods and domestic trade And participation in development and economic projects and activities in the field of tourism

Paya Kavir Yazd Mining Industrial Company

Registration number: 15172

Field of activity: Exploration, extraction and exploitation of metallic and non-metallic mines, including iron ore and production of granulated iron ore, concentrate, pellets, sponge iron and steel and various steel products, as well as granulation, mineralization and processing of other metal materials And non-metallic, installation, Repairs and maintenance, inspection, service of equipment and machinery required by the company, purchase and supply of all types of machinery, equipment, facilities and materials needed to carry out the company’s subject, partnership and investment with individuals, legal entities, banks and institutions Domestic and foreign credit in other companies and supplying the required force of the company and also performing all activities of buying and selling and importing and exporting all kinds of metallic and non-metallic minerals, machinery, equipment, facilities, materials and products in relation to the subject of the company, the company In governmental and non-governmental tenders and auctions, obtaining Rial and foreign exchange facilities from banks and financial and credit institutions, participating in exhibitions, etc., and all matters that are somehow related to the company’s issues.

Tashk Desert Livestock and Range Management Company of Yazd

Registration number: 17808

Field of activity: Carrying out all necessary activities in the field of rangeland management, livestock breeding and production of livestock products and any products that can be produced, used and bought and sold from livestock and rangeland. Purchase and sale, supply, distribution, packaging, export and import of livestock, livestock products and animal feed and any authorized goods related to the livestock and rangeland industry and purchase and sale of all machinery and equipment used and related to the livestock industry And pasture management and their spare parts, Obtaining and granting representation and establishing branches inside and outside the country, obtaining loans and facilities in foreign currency and Rials from all public and private banks and financial and credit institutions, and clearing goods from the country’s customs, as well as opening credits and LCs for companies With banks and participating in public and private tenders and auctions and concluding contracts with all natural and legal persons, as well as holding and participating in specialized exhibitions and seminars inside and outside the country.

Apadana Tolo Iranian Industrial Company

Registration number: 15172

Apadana Tolo Iranian Company was established in 2017 and is active in the field of engineering, design of production lines, construction and implementation of various projects in all parts of the country.

Urban and rural development, electrical and mechanical installations, construction projects, project management and control, and… are among the most important areas of activity mentioned in the company’s articles of association, which strives to provide the most complete services and use experienced and experienced personnel. And up-to-date technical knowledge to pursue its goals in these areas.

The most important projects implemented by this company since its establishment are:

Design and construction of Payafolad engineers’ camp

– Excellent design and supervision of Payafolad technicians accommodation project

– Excellent design and supervision of the residential project of Katibeh Farda Company

Design and implementation of the office building of Payafolad Tehran Company

– Designing the office building project of Payafolado factory…