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Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company was established in 2011 with strong support with high expertise and capability in the sectors of mining (exploration and extraction), mining industry and trade of minerals and drilling (groundwater, exploration and mineral water). Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company, despite the relatively short time since its establishment, has had a significant and successful activity in the mining (especially mining) and mineral export (especially iron ore) sectors. The participation of the main shareholders of Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company with a large company with a history of Shahdab Yazd (33 years of experience) has caused the complex to have a high level of experience and expertise in terms of management and organizational structure.

The senior management of Mr. Gholamreza Shayeghi, as one of the oldest activists in the field of drilling and mining, who are also in charge of leading the collection of Shahdab Yazd and Apadana companies exploring Iranians, has led to the cohesion and strengthening of the management structure of the complex ….

Dr. Amir Abbas Shokraei CEO of Apadana Kavosh Iranian
Engineer Mohammad Shayeghi Saghand Chairman of the Board of Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company
Haj Gholamreza Shayeghi Saghand Investor and entrepreneur

Vision is the roadmap of the managers of Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company, which pursues the excellence of this company by standing firmly on the two bases of technical knowledge and human capital.

Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company in its roadmap, will be among the top 150 companies in the field of mining until 1402 and will use all its capacity and potential to achieve this vision …

Unlike in the past, when investing in physical and material resources was more important, new and knowledgeable organizations and companies have put investing in human resources at the forefront of their important actions and for the development and promotion of human resources and Their workforce uses the latest methods to increase productivity and accelerate and advance for further economic growth.

Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company has always been a pioneer and expert in this field by following the new organizational way and method by holding various training courses and classes while in service and also benefiting from the guidelines of experts in this field. Considers it worthy of increasing honor, respect and progress.

Apadana Kavosh Iranian Board of Directors consists of seven people, most of whom are specialized, experienced, skilled and have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology, mining engineering and agriculture …