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Introduction of a company

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Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company was established in 2011 with strong support, high expertise and capability in the sectors of mining (exploration and extraction), mining industry and trade of minerals and drilling (groundwater, exploration and mineral water). Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company, despite the relatively short time since its establishment, has had a significant and successful activity in the mining (especially Extraction) and mineral export (especially iron ore) sectors. The participation of the main shareholders of Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company with a large company with a history of Shahdab Yazd (33 years of experience) has caused the complex to have a high level of experience and expertise in terms of management and organizational structure.

Senior Management Mr. Gholamreza Shayeghi, as one of the oldest activists in the field of drilling and mining, who are also in charge of leading the Shahdab Yazd and Apadana Exploration of Iranians, has led to the cohesion and strengthening of the management structure of the complex.

Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company with the cooperation and support of Shahdab Yazd Company is fully prepared for investment and comprehensive implementation (design, exploration, extraction and processing) of domestic and foreign mining projects.

Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company with more than 250 experienced personnel in the departments of engineering, heavy and super heavy mining machinery operators, technical technicians and office and labor personnel, as well as dozens of 100 ton HD875 dump trucks, PC2000 excavators , PC1200, PC800, PC400, D370, D155 bulldozers, GD825, GD705 and six Ingersoll Rand Bench Drills and several generators, forklifts, sprinkler trucks and…. It is ready to provide all technical and executive services in the mining sector.

Several generators, forklifts, sprinkler trucks and…. It is ready to provide all technical and executive services in the mining sector. The

It is worth mentioning that Shahdab Yazd Company with facilities about ten times more than Apadana Company as a stable and reliable support is always next to Apadana Kavosh Iranian. Meanwhile, since Apadana Kavosh Iranian and Shahdab Yazd companies use only Komatsu machines, they have the largest spare parts warehouse and the most experienced technical staff in the field of Komatsu machines and the only user of Komatsu VHMS system in Iran.

Obviously, all the mentioned facilities can be visited from the offices, warehouses and ongoing projects of this complex, especially in Chadormelo mining and industrial complexes and Central Iron Ore (Choghart).

During the short period of creation of this complex, the growing ability and capacity of Apadana Iranians has taken control of a number of other small and large mines in the country, and in the field of firefighting, explosion, drilling, transportation and tailings, the company has become one. Has become one of the most successful companies in the field of mining.

With the addition of the research and exploration department and the role of experienced engineers in this field, Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company has taken a long step towards its future successes and the efforts and seriousness of the company’s managers to achieve their vision in the shortest possible time. , Has doubled.