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Human resources development

Unlike in the past, when investing in physical and material resources was more important, new and knowledgeable organizations and companies have made investing in human resources the top priority of their important actions and for the development and promotion of human resources and Their workforce uses the latest methods to increase productivity and accelerate and advance for further economic growth.

Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company has always been a pioneer and expert in this field by following the new organizational way and method by holding various training courses and classes while in service and also benefiting from the guidelines of experts in this field. Considers it worthy of increasing honor, respect and progress.

The board of Apadana Kavosh Iranians consists of seven people, most of whom are specialized, experienced, skilled and have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology, mining engineering and agriculture.

Due to the importance, value and special position of human resources, Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company, while emphasizing the general policy and policies of the company, seeks to take strong steps to achieve high goals of productivity and by attracting specialized personnel to achieve To organizational goals. The company has more than 500 human resources, of which 90 have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology, exploration and mining, geophysics, civil engineering, mechanics and the rest have degrees appropriate to their jobs such as accounting, Human resources and other support jobs are provided in Tehran and Yazd offices as well as mines under the supervision of the company.

The human resource management of Apadana Kavosh Iranian Company, by increasing the efficiency of human resources in the company, has considered the following general goals and in order to achieve it, considers itself obliged to make daily and diligent efforts:

  • Sense of responsibility for the goals of the company and maximum productivity of specialties – Sense of responsibility for the duties and responsibilities assigned to the administrative affairs unit of the organization.
  • Feeling responsible for the personal goals of the employees in order to achieve the goals of the company

It is hoped that with the collective efforts and determination of all members of the large Apadana family exploring Iranians to achieve these goals, more effective and lasting steps will be taken every day.